this script is now available as part of TinyFixes for maya 1.5 you can download it from store

Version History



  • My Friend Jaber asked me for this script
  • i made the first tests it looks good
  • made more presets for different shapes
  • you can select edge loops, part of loop, or some randome eges from different parts and it will work just fine
  • oh My God!  if i scale the object the effect will get very small and if i make it small it will get too  big and edges go inside each other .
  • ok found a way to make it less obvious its still changing but very little.
  • now if you rotate it the effect will disapear !!!
  • completely rewriten the script
  • now it will use bridge to add curve control
  • cons: it will only work on edge loops, it may make some wierd shapes on edges with angles