Documentation for TinyFixes for maya is included with the script.

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MeshCombiner Intro

How to Use Mesh Combiner

Random Vertex Color


metaball for maya

Version History


  • New toolbar
  • add sculptings to panel bar
  • Mesh combiner
  • 8 Ramp Shader
  • 7 ShaderFX Shader
  • 4 PBR Shader
  • 6 DX11 Shaders


  • Edge styler 0.5: +++ it work on all edges even if its a single edge, it looks really cool. — no curve control only presets made by me. — if you resize the object or Rotate it the effect will be different. ( which is awful , so i removed it)
  • add Orthograpic Switch to panel bar (i am mostly using it to make selection)
  • updating dynamesh
  • Rail UV, (made this when i was working on a project where i was needed to make a lot of high ways. but later i find it perfect for making transition animations)
  • random vertex Color Script (really useful, already used it many time)
  • added paint effect buttons to toolbar, simplified version ofcourse. ( i wonder if anyone can use them without me making a tutorial for it )

    (major Update i should’ve called it v.2.0)

  • Katana Slice (I LOVE THIS SCRIPT, beside all the FX posibilities, its really fun)
  • Shatter & Pieces (i guess Everyone will love it, its really easy and you can make any shape of crack that you want)
  • EdgeStyler
  • Metaball for Maya ( a better and easier version of my previous script)

    v 2.0 Coming Soon !
  • Mesh combiner 2
  • Easy Terrian
  • Circle face
  • batch normalmap baking