Easy Terrain For Maya

Easy Terrain First Preview

Easy Terrain paint and shape tool

Version History



  • being able to add new terrian and
  • falloff has been Added
  • water plan has been Added
  • Peak preset window has been added
  • adding a button for disableEnable Tiling
  • Mountain preset window has been added
  • rocks and low height terrian window has been added
  • testing dynamic subdivision
  • testing the paint and shape tool (found it amazingly useful)
  • Ramp Deformer has been added
  • Desert presets has been added to low height window

Download Quick Guide as PDF


This Script is compatible with Maya 2016 and 2017

Copy “CGElementary” folder to “C:\Program Files”

  • if you have your “Program Files” in another drive other than “C” don’t copy it there. just make a new “program files” folder in “C” and  and copy it there
  • copy it in “Program Files” and NOT “Program Files (x86)”

Copy the content of “201X” folder to your Maya preference directory e.g  “Documents\maya\2016”

  • it should ask you to replace the folders

and that is it.
let me know if there was any problem with installation