Clouds & Sky

Cumulonimbus Clouds

my favorite form of clouds.

you can see that it is not alone and we have some other type of clouds on back ground.

to achive this look, in my experience it is a lot easier to use a pyro simulation rather than cloudFX. but cloudFX will also work fine

in maya make sure to use a large container.

Cirrostratus or Cirrocumulus sunset

now i am just guessing it is Cirrocumulus as these clouds don’t have so much shading, as you can see it is sunset and those clouds don’t care even a bit to change some color and have some cool shading. now if it wasn’t because of those bumpy spread of cloud shape i would say it is Cirrostratus but its just changing shape so it might be both.

and also in this place we usually have multiple cloud types together you can even see some cumulus or Stratocumulus at the beginning of video

now isn’t that interesting. they are just moving from one side to another without changing shape so much.

pretty much like the system we use in Videogames. so you that system can actually be pretty realistic you just have to add proper details.

another example of clouds moving without changing their shape so much. well at least the beginning is !

the technique is to use multiple sheets of cloud’s texture over each other. now i see many people using this technique in video games or aftereffect projects but i don’t understand why they make all the sheets move into one direction. these clouds have different heights and as you can see in this video it is really common to see them moving to different directions.

now in this video we have multiple cloud types so remember that you don’t need to put all in your sky we even have a Cumulonimbus making some cool effect at the back, now if its a normal scene you can also put an static texture for Cumulonimbus but if its a scene showing time passing by in fast speed, there are ways to put that in your video game but it requite a little more work and to make it realstic enough you either need to use a real timelaps like the one i have above or simulate it with Houdini,Maya,fume or TurbulenceFD first.

interesting !

i guess thats what they mean by Stratocumulus can show up as rolls of cloud

a giant Stratocumulus piece of cloud.

that is one amazing reference. you might be able make some cool texture out of it.too.

feel free to use this videos in your project .



Sunset scene.