well well look at that, i made some new scripts for you.

and by you i mean those who left comment on my videos or sent and email to me and those who atleast hit like !

the rest of you GET OUT OF HERE !

no just kidding you can stay just dont touch anything lots of breaking objects around 😛


Alright! ladies and gents here is our first Script: (( Shatter and pieces ))

with this script you can cut shapes into pieces and shatter them.

and now the second one : (( Unattractive Mesh ))

well this has many uses and you may already have some idea about how to use it but i have to say its nParticle and meshing is done by nParticle’s default meshing system which is pretty slow.

Metaball script is also updated so it is now can be done with a single click and don’t requiire you to do anything manually, it may be soon part of tiny fixes script.